2014 Predictions: World ends, Seahawks win Super Bowl, Amazon TV

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2014 predictionsForget about New Year’s resolutions. The predictions for 2014 are a lot more interesting than how much weight you plan to lose.

From the world coming to an end (again) to the launch of Amazon TV to the Seahawks taking home the 2014 Vince Lombardi Super Bowl trophy, predictions about the coming year range from unbelievable to quite possible, including the strong possibility that Hillary Clinton will run for President in the 2016 election.

Here’s the buzz on the Web about the predictions for 2014:

The World Will End in 2014: Pastor John Hagee is certain that 2014 will be the year that the world ends. He was pretty sure about it in 2012, too, so don’t be too worried about it. Hagee, the senior pastor of the Cornerstone Church in San Antonio claims that four “blood moons” will occur in 2014 and that somehow relates to Doomsday and the second coming of Christ.

It’s total nonsense and if for some reason he’s finally right about this, no one will be alive to give him kudos. (watch Hagee babble on about blood moons in the video below)

Amazon TV: Move over Apple. CNET predicts that the giant e-commerce company will start selling Amazon TV. They won’t stop there, if CNET’s predictions are correct. Apparently there are plans for Amazon to have its own smartphone, too. Because the world needs another smartphone.

Super Bowl XLVIII Winner: The only reason you’ll need to watch the Super Bowl in February is for the commercials. Forbes writer Monte Burke predicts that the Denver Broncos will lose to the Seattle Seahawks. If that’s true, it’s likely Peyton Manning will be joining half-time performer Bruno Mars when he sings “When I Was Your Man.”

Government Shutdown: No worries. There won’t be another shutdown in the near future. Or so Forbes predicts. In their “Top 10 Predictions” list they state that due to a “small increase” in bipartisan cooperation, the government will not shut down in 2014.

Hillary for President: For those who aren’t Hill and Bill fans, this Forbes prediction may not be so pleasing. They predict that Hillary Clinton will announce run to become our first female President in 2016.

Retail Madness: It will come as no surprise that two retailers may shut their doors in 2014. The Street predicts that there will be more problems for the failing JCPenney and Radio Shack will finally go out of business. As for the clothing store that caters to thin people with great abs, The Street predicts that Abercrombie & Fitch will get into more trouble with their screwy marketing campaigns. Who wants to lead the round of applause if A&F closes down?

Weather: If you put your trust in the Farmers’ Almanac, the winter of 2014 will suck for much of the nation. The Almanac states that the “Days of Shivery” are upon us and most states will experience “below average temperatures for about two-thirds of the nation.”

Excited for that ball to drop on New Year’s Eve?

Pastor John Hagee rambles on about the blood moon…

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