Is there new evidence of mermaids?

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do mermaids exists?

New evidence that mermaids exist in the ocean created a buzz on the Web on Monday night after “Mermaids: The Body Found – The Extended Cut” aired on Animal Planet.

The second in a series of shows on the legend of mermaids is making people wonder if these sea creatures are real or if this is just a a hoax.

The first part of this series, “Mermaids: The Body Found” first aired in 2012. See the preview to the newest show in the series in the video below.

I’d say this is a complete hoax on the part of Discovery — wonder why they didn’t air it on April Fools Day. And I’m right —

Marjorie Kaplan, president of Animal Planet,  issued a statement confirming the documentary was fake. Basically, it’s a ratings winner for the network and something fun to talk about:

“The phenomenon of ‘Mermaids’ has truly been a watershed — and a watercooler — moment for Animal Planet. These extraordinary television specials have electrified, challenged and entertained television audiences and online fans alike.”

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